Slip and Trip Accident

One of the most common types of accidents is a slip or trip, especially with the elderly and disabled. Uneven pavements, defective walkways, or slippery floors in shops and supermarkets are more often that not the cause for slip and trip accidents.

The injuries sustained as a result of such accidents can be extremely debilitating and often cause a considerable amount of pain and distress. The effects of slip and trip accidents can leave victims unable to go about their daily routine and even render them housebound.

Compensation claim

At sterlingKING we are highly experienced in this area of personal injury. We have extensive legal expertise on claims for accidents in public or commercial spaces including large retail outlets. If you have suffered an accident that you believe may be due to negligence or disregard for public safety then speak to us, you may be eligible for compensation.

We understand that the claims process appears to be complicated and stressful but we work on your behalf to take away the pressure and to secure you the compensation you deserve.


We offer a free initial consultation to see if you are entitled to claim for compensation. It should be noted that time limitations do apply so don’t delay in calling our expert team.