Product liability and faulty products

Manufacturers of products have a legal obligation to ensure that their product is safe. Strict safety guidelines have been put in place to protect you, putting your safety first. The same goes for services.

If you have suffered an accident or illness as a result of a faulty product or service then you could be eligible for compensation. Accidents and injuries with faulty or unsafe products are all too common and you have a right to take action.

It could be a fault with a household item, an unsafe medicine, food that causes illness or even a piece of glass found in a product. Whatever the reason for the faulty product or service that caused your accident or illness, it should never have happened.

Legal advice

At sterlingKING we are here to provide you with expert legal advice and support. If your health or well-being has been put at risk by a product or service then you may have a claim for compensation.


We offer a free initial consultation for personal injury claims and are here to discuss the details of your case.