Personal injury claims, accident compensation

Fatal accident claims are the most distressing accident claim that any one could face because they involve the death of a loved one. Losing your husband, wife, child or any other member of your family will be beyond difficult. But when you lose them due to a fatal accident you will require support from not only your family and friends, but from a legal team too.

At sterlingKING we are here to offer that support. If the death of your loved one brings into question the responsibility of other people then you will need legal guidance as to what to do next. You may have a claim for compensation.  We are able to advise and guide you with fatal accident claims.

Not only will you want to claim for funeral costs but you may be entitled to claim for a bereavement award and loss of dependency. If personal injuries were sustained prior to death then you may also be able to claim for compensation.

Bereavement award

Husbands, wives, civil partners, parents of a child under 18, the mother of an illegitimate child, who was under 18 and never married, are all entitled to claim for a bereavement award. The statutory sum recoverable is fixed at £12,980.

Loss of dependency

If the deceased had dependents then they may be able to claim for loss of that dependency. This will look to cover financial dependency for loss of income and for loss of services.