Clinical negligence

All medical treatment comes with an element of risk. It is the duty of your medical practitioner to make you aware of such risks and to do all they can to take the best care of your medical needs. All of us expect, and are entitled to, an extremely high level of care and standards, be that from the NHS or private health care.

When something goes wrong at the hands of a healthcare professional it can have lasting and devastating affects. Clinical negligence happens when the medical care or organisation in question has failed to deliver on its standards and criteria.

At this point it could lead to injury, subsequent illness or even death. If you have suffered clinical negligence at the hands of a GP, nurse, hospital staff, dentist, therapist, surgeon or even a medical organisation then it is time you sought legal advice.

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Clinical negligence or malpractice is an extremely complicated area of personal injury law and requires an expert legal to advise you. If you have suffered an injury or illness as a result of clinical negligence then don’t delay in making a claim.

We understand that this is a difficult and upsetting time for you, especially if further medical treatment is required as a result, but our sensitive and friendly team are here to support you.


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